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Spare Parts

Spare Parts availability plays an important role in success of any automobile brand. Automobiles being the entity that are used continuously for a longer period of time, wear and tear of its components are unavoidable. Furthermore, looking at the road conditions of Nepal, damages occurring from the accidents is inevitable. So, Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd. has maintained sufficient genuine spare parts in his inventory in order to facilitate customers in such kinds of inevitable situations and for the longer life of Hyundai vehicle.

Oil Filter

Genuine Oil FIlters offer the best protection for your engine thereby giving you the best performance. Genuine Oil Filters maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine, avoiding costly repairs. Specially developed Genuine Oil Filters highly improve filtering capiacity. Genuine Oil FIlters are compact and lightweight while maintaining a filter surface area to protect valuable components.

Air Filter

Genuine AIr Filters utilize the latest filtering techonology to block most of the dust and dirt particles from entering your engine. This ensures maximum engine performance, minimizes flat spots under acceleration and optimum fuel economy. Genuine Air Filters have ahigh number of fins within the filter to retain debris whilst maintaining optimum air flow into the engine.

Timing Belt

Genuine Timing Belts are durable beacause they are protectd by fabric jackets. It offers high resistance against temperatures ranging from -40°C to +140°C.

Brake Pad

Genuine Brake Pads have a medium to high co-efficient of friction. high drum conformity reuslting in good resistance and perfomance. It's durablity and quality has been extensively appraised and it has proven to be cost effective by increasing lining and drum life.

Clutch disc

The clutch disc installed between the engine and transmission is the fuse in the vehicles running system. It normalizes irregular engine shocks coming from the wheels during a slip or damper of the clutch.